A Message to Our Esteemed Customers

We have released a new build as part of our continual product development cycle; BRSANALYTICS V2.8.8 is now available for installation.

This release provides FINREP work including the latest taxonomy for Q4 2018 and AnaCredit enhancements. New BRS Toolbar functionalities and improvements (e.g. fast Publishing) throughout.

Provided below is a list of new items available as product fixes and / or enhancements.

Please contact one of our representatives to book an appointment to update your current setup. Updates take approximately 2 days per server to complete (including a health-check) depending on the setup you are currently running on.

We will provide more exact time-frames based on your present setup once we receive confirmation from the client’s end to upgrade.

Fixes and Enhancements in the Application:

INC NoTitleDescription
#1183Category 28 Business RuleWhen running ACCS rule after EOPB, there was a limitation which did not allow updating of certain data. This has been fixed.
#1181AnaCredit Record HashError when comparing current hash with previous hash (to determine if record changed and is therefore reportable) when multiple periods were previously processed.
#1184ACCS. ImpairmentMethodInclusion of this field in FINREP License not just AnaCredit
#1180CRS XML File encodingXML file to be generated in UTF8 not UTF8-BOM
#1186EODC Collateralised AmountsFor EODC we were calculating Collateralised Carrying Amount and Collateralised Gross Carrying Amount. This was not being calculated correctly as this was based on amended collateral which excluded accrued interest and any provisions and therefore the value was not correct.
#1046Convert back to ExcelInclusion of new button functionality to convert from XBRL back to Excel.
#1182Toolbar SettingsIn the toolbar setting form we now ensure that:
- Either the Database and analysis settings are entered
- OR one or more webservice URLs are entered
The only exception is the DCS webservice where the database connection settings are allowed
#1195AnaCredit Load DataIssue in SQL Indexing on AnaCredit table was causing performance issues and crashes in Excel
#1196AnaCredit Convert to XMLIssue with “An item with the same key has already been added” resolved
#1191Master Facility ReferenceThis only supported numerical values – alphanumerical characters are now accepted
#1192EODC – Account not foundThere was an issue when the account was not found and resulted in a process crash
#1038XBRL Java ProcessXBRL currently checks running Java.exe processes. The code should somehow try to distinguish between a Java process that is related to the UBPartner toolkit, and one which is not.
#1199AnaCredit Load DataWhen loading the data, the following fields are now loaded rounded to the nearest integer as per data dictionary specifications:






Nationality ScriptsInclusion of scripts to categorise MTROW and ROW with GROUP3 as ‘OTHER_NON_SPECIFIED’
#1202AnaCredit IntraLoansTweak in Intraloans to exclude ‘NONE’ entries.
#1205AnaCredit Reportable NOFix when Reportable NO, removing of these lines from the XML
Convert to XML
Tweak when generating “Submitted” Excel version
#1178AnaCredit – Intermediary FileA way was required such that the users can have a visual representation of what is actually going out to the regulator.
This is generated as part of the results:

• Exclude the rows that were marked as reportable NO
• Exclude the rows that were not updated (were applicable e.g. COUNTERPARTY)
• Display the values of Not Required / Not Applicable that we transformed

This helps the business users tremendously especially for any queries of submissions done.
#1206Toolbar PublishedSeveral speed optimisations whilst publishing
#1193Collateral Issue on Carrying and GrossCarryingFixes to properly collateralise based on the Carrying and GrossCarryingAmount
#1190Toolbar Special Characters supportCurrently when one Opens a BRS file containing special characters this works OK, but when Generating the BRS file, this was not saving with the right conversion parameters.
#1213AnaCredit ProcessHeadOffice Identifier and Immediate Parent Identifier and Ultimate Parent Identifier should be ignored when ‘NONE’ and not display a warning
#1197Sector Update in TableRemoval of the following sector labels which were never used:
• HOUSEHOLD (as this should be B24)
• INSURANCE_PENSION (as these have separate BRS codes)
• NFC (this has a specific BRS Code)
• OTHER_FINANCE (this also has a specific BRS Code)
#1225Inception Date default DEBTOR categorisationFor AnaCredit, if no inception date was present, this was not categorising a DEBTOR due to the lack of date. This has now been defaulted to DEBTOR AFTER SEPT
#1208DT_ORGNL_PRTCTN_VLThe default value for not required / not applicable was not correct
#1198Webservice ReleasesModification of package utility and documentation, to start including web sevices also as part of BRS releases
#1222ACCS Field IndexModify BRSV2_FileValidation field index for ACCS.WithholdingTaxRate' to 86, due to a duplicate field index
#1227CRD Rules EngineIssue with some RowStartDate / RowEndDate in retail rules
AnaCredit Collateral valuesProtection Allocated Value and Protection Value should be loaded * 1000
#1233D_CollateralUpdate in Table, SQL Script to add AnaCredit Collateral Codes
#1231AnaCredit CollateralsFix in displaying collateral codes when loading AnaCredit Protection Received data
#1210CLTS ValidationIf the postcode was too long this would crash rather than stopping at validation level
Default value was incorrectly set to “NO” rather than “NONE” and inclusion of a data fix
Internal EnhancementsMinor internal improvements for performance
Edit Mappings through ExcelWe are slowly shifting some of the BRS functionalities to the toolbar, such as mappings. See below related incident for overview of functionality
Unmapped Items / Unconfirmed mappings Addition of functionality to remind users to map new unmapped items. See Details below.

Changes in Core Structure / Fixes in Formula Files:

A new functionality has been included to make it easier to identify any missing mappings when these are uploaded. Previously, if e.g. a sector or industry new mapping was added in EOP but not mapped, this was displayed once but no longer visible to the user, making it easy to forget that a sector / industry / collateral etc was not mapped, resulting in check errors.

Therefore, upon loading a new unmapped item, the following Warning is displayed:
Clicking on the warning:
In order to rectify this, the user may either use the tab ‘Reference Data’ or new Excel toolbar functionality (item #1179) find the unconfirmed / unverified mapped item, add its mapping and mark this as verified / confirmed.

Reference Data Tab:
By filtering on the unmapped category (e.g. Sector / Industry / Collateral etc) and filtering where unverified, this will list item that are currently resulting in a warning.

1. Select the record you wish to modify
2. Set the BRS Code (documentation on BRS Codes provided separately)
3. Set Verified to TRUE as per the below:
Excel Toolbar Mapping

1. Open Excel
2. Locate “Mappings”
3. This displays a list of possible mappings available in the system. In the above example, this is a missing collateral mapping so below, COLLATERALS is selected
4. This will display a table with BankCode, BRS Code, the BRS Description (using a lookup to the adjacent sheet to guide you) and Confirmed
5. Locate the item which has ‘Confirmed’ = “NO” and set the BRSCode to appropriate mapping and set ‘Confirmed’ to “YES”. You may use the tab BRSCodes and provided Documentation to guide you in selecting the correct mapping for different Groups
6. Click ‘Save BRS Mappings’
8. Clicking ‘YES’ will confirm that the updating was done successfully:

Changes in Documentation:

INC No.ScheduleDescription
LRFix in Memo Items ‘Expense’ rather than ‘Income’ based on recent CoA changed
LCUpdate in Items 2.10.3 and 2.10.4