In your role as CFO or VP of Finance in a bank or credit institution, one of your key objectives is to preserve the financial stability of your business.  Given the recent economic slump and consequent uneven pace of recovery in various sectors, your financial planning and strategic responsibilities have been amplified in an unprecedented way. The opportunities to raise capital are less and far between with changing regulations around reserves and the execution of long-term strategy and risk management made more burdensome by increased internal oversight and regulatory demands. All these changes have created more pressure on you to provide stakeholders with more information in conformity with stipulated timeframes.

Understanding the main challenges of the CFO

With these less than suitable economic conditions, you will be expected to take on greater leadership roles and a multitude of additional responsibilities intrinsic to ensuring your organisation’s success. You may also encounter additional pressure in devising financial strategies conducive to maintaining financial integrity, and generating supporting data for ad hoc reporting and in-depth analysis of business performance. Aligning day-to-day operations with long-term strategic goals and objectives is therefore pivotal in guaranteeing your company’s longevity.

A crucial part of your job involves obtaining regulatory reporting solutions for the various business sections within your organisation and playing an active role in ensuring that such solutions are implemented effectively and efficiently. All the while however, you will still be required to keep overheads at a bare minimum without compromising levels of performance and productivity.

You will be required to oversee risk management processes and reporting across various business-lines within your company through the presentation of a single set of computed data. In providing this data, you are also ensuring risk assessment measures and information reliability, according to your regulator’s requirements.

Overcoming the Obstacles

Our team of specialists have the necessary IT expertise combined with a thorough understanding of regulatory compliance to assist you in overcoming these challenges. BRSANALYTICS was specifically designed with you in mind, to ease the pressures surrounding your daily duties.

More specifically it assists in providing an automated solution which is both accurate and time-saving in producing the required regulatory reports and the ultimate tool to supplement the expertise of your staff. This single, reconciled data warehouse allows for effective, efficient regulatory, financial and MIS reporting. Moreover it provides a holistic view of key statistical data across various business lines within your company, displayed in different formats on our dashboard feature.

BRSANALYTICS guarantees timely and quality data submission to all regulatory bodies and the possibility for you to analyse and predict your capital needs based on present day statistical results generated by BRSANALYTICS itself as the basis for important business decisions. Furthermore, the same data can be utilised to support queries forwarded by multiple stakeholders and other key players within your organisation.

Our engineers and consultants provide support and continued training in using BRSANALYTICS to ensure that the regulatory requirements are met with greater efficiency and within a shorter span of time by the persons who will be using the application the most. Moreover, the BRS team offer the guidance necessary to ensure the distribution of critical regulatory information within the internal sectors of your business.

We can deploy BRS support members to assist you in critical operations for enhanced productivity of your own staff, to reduce operational and financial risk and guarantee the high standard of performance expected from you and your team collectively.