A Message to Our Esteemed Customers

Thursday 21st December 2017

We have released a new build as part of our continual product development cycle; BRSANALYTICS V2.8.2 is now available for installation.

This release is mainly targeted as a hotfix for ongoing FINREP implementations.

Provided below is a list of new items available as product fixes and / or enhancements.

Please feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives to book an appointment to update your current setup. Updates typically take approximately 1.5 days per server including a health-check depending on the setup you are currently running on.

We will revert with a more exact time-frame based on your current setup once we receive confirmation of your request to upgrade.

Fixes and Enhancements in the Application:

INC No.TitleDescription
#1057CollateralisedAmountNew EODC Measure which calculates Collateralised Amount based on brGrossCarryingAmount for FINREP Reporting.
#1059SubCategoriesThe defaults of some fields for Subcategories was not set correctly and this was causing a problem to calculate GrossCarryingAmount for FINREP.
#1035Convert to Pivot TableFurther tweaking to ensure conversion of FINREP formulas which may have had structure changes.
New fields in ACCS for FINREP (and in the future AnaCredit)
#1062EOPB.ActivityTypeAs some of our customers can only classify activity by GL and Account rather by just account, addition of ActivityType in EOPB for flexibility
#1061Business RulesRemoval of constriction in rules that updates on ACCS / CLTS which were affected by the batch upload process. This may mean that we may require some updating in rules to include time dependencies.

Apart from a BRS Application Update, in order to benefit from all the above enhancements, clients should install the latest version of the BRS Toolbar V2.8.1

Changes in Core Structure / Fixes in Formula Files:

F_05.00Fix in ImpairProv in row 060, row120, row110
F_08.01Fix in sector House
F_18.00Addition and fixes in Off Balance Sheet rows
Part IChange in CollateralAmount variable to use Collateralised Amount
F_05.00Removal of Real Estate in Collateral columns (this is automatically included with GROUP1.Collaterals
F_18.00Additions/ Tweaking in Col 200 and Col210
F_19.00Col 170 Col 180 Addition of Formulas
F_05.00Fix in brCollateral items (removal of *1000)
F_13.01Removal of Collaterals * 1000 as using new variable
Part IITweaking in BRSANALYTICS Sheet
F_18.00 Changes in Off Balance Sheet items
F_05.00Fix in Real Estate Row
F_18.00Tweaking in Collaterals Columns
F_19.00Col 170, 180 addition of formulas
F_05.00brCollaterals tweaking
F_13.01Removal of *1000 due to change in variable
F_45.03Various fixes
F_31.01Various fixes throughout.
F_31.02Various fixes throughout
F_02.00Minor tweaking due to some missing *-1
F_44.03*-1 in col 010
F_45.03*-1 in col 020
Part IbrCollateral to brCollateralisedAmount (to distinguish between Colateral Amount)
New variable CollateralAmt
Inclusion of variable for FinancialGuaranteesReceived (brFinancialGuaranteeRec) due to different categorisation between BR06 and FINREP
F_13.01Fixes in Col 040, 050
F_05.00Fixes in Row 090, 100
F_18.00Tweak to use all Collaterals.
Part I & Part IIVariable for brProductType and brActivityType to accept both from ACCS or EOPB

Changes in Documentation:

DSDChanges in DSD due to new indicators.