A Message to Our Esteemed Customers

Thursday 17th November 2016

By way of an update regarding ongoing releases, new enhancements and bug fixes in the product, we shall be providing regular notices on new releases as they are made available.

BRSANALYTICS V2.7.1 is now here. Below is a list of new items available as product fixes and / or enhancements.

Let us know should you wish to book an update appointment on your current setup which depending on your current version normally takes approximately 1 day per server including a health check. Please advise should you be interested and we’ll revert with a more exact time-frame based on your setup.

Fixes and Enhancements in the Application:

INC NoTitleDescription
#937Payments Sector MappingsSectors in Payments file were always mapping to NONE
#934Minor issue in flows Warning ‘RECF_TT’With certain file / flows calculation, an error “Flows are throwing an RECF TT warning. TT is not a valid reclassification type” was being displayed.
#931Issue with XLSM Macro for CoAsFixed in latest macro files.

This is related to the version of windows being used. Solution is to edit Macro References by removing Microsoft XML v6 and adding a reference to c:\windows\system32\msxml3.dll
#953Exposing of Fields in PivotFollowing Fields exposed:
ExposureClassVarious Scripts for ExposureClass
#949Clients new Field CustomerTypenew field
CustomerType to accept text (mostly for text ENTITY / INDIVIDUAL)

Accessible from CRD UI for ExposureClass Classification
Bonds File(1) Hardcoding to LIABILITY (instead of ASSET)
(2) Fix in issue when uploading file
(3) This was ignoring the last line in the file
#946sql EXECUTE on Publishing an issue was identified with security permissions where some users where not allows to publish

Resolution: Added the db_executer role in the System Database. If problem occurs on another user:
- Open the BRSANALYTICS_System Database > Security > Users
- Find the user in question
- Under the Database Membership Roles, grant the db_executor role (usually user wil have db_datareader and db_datawriter. These should be kept)
#939Lock 'Published' Dropdown in UI Tweak in User Interface to lock on Published as is used throughout all customer
#945Generate File HeaderTweaking for all AccountReference to be automatically set to Text
#944Flows File – Missing ValidationIf the VALUETYPE mismatches that of the EOPB, no warning was given and the movement was not allocated to the account
#940Pivot Table Including Filtered ItemsWhen a new pivot table is created using the toolbar, by default this was including the filtered items in the totals row. This setting is now disabled by default.
#943Generate BRS FileGenerating a BRS File using the toolbar fails if there were extra populated columns in the excel sheet (e.g. in Manual Adjustments File)
Flows linked to Rating and HoldingDue to AS11 and AE4, we needed to link Rating and Holding with Flows
#958CRD IndicatorFix in FullySecured on Immoveable Property
SBSA – No of UnitsNo of Units was not being displayed correctly within the SBSA sheet as this was rounding to the nearest thousand
#962Holding LabelPreviously if a new Holding label was added is added, this needed to be added in the database otherwise this is removed with a warning. The application now automatically caters for new holding labels and automatically assigns OVER10/UPTO10 accordingly.
#965Flows Price Movement CalculationOn calculated flows, logic has been added to calculate the price movement for the AFS Securities, FVTPL, HFT and Equity if MarketValue is found for previous and current month.
#968Flows Movement (from File)If there was no closing then the movement from flow file was being lost
#962Holding LabelIf a new holding label is found, this will automatically add it within the label and classify it as UPTO10 or OVER10
#959AccruedInterestLCYNew column for Accrued Interest LCY such that if it is left empty it will work it out as today but if a value is provided it will retain that value
#963Movement and Reval on Reclassified valuesWhen a value was reclassified, this was showing the movement and Reval on the incorrect line i.e. of Opening – this has been rectified.
#957ConnectedCustomerExtension to the current CLTS.ConnectedCustomers functionality to accept a list of values
#961CUBESET Convert to pivotFix in toolbar for convert to pivot on cubeset formulas
#969Related Party in EOMEOP Crashed when the EOPA Related Party was NONE and the CLTS Related Party was NULL
#956CRD SME Supporting FactorFrom the CRD UI, one can now access @PARTY.SMESupportingFactor

Apart from a BRS Application Update, in order to benefit from all the above enhancements, clients should install the latest version of the BRS Toolbar V2.7.4 .

Changes in Core Structure / Fixes in Formula Files:

INC No.StructureDescription
#967CoreMinor change in label for Liabilities L5010040000, L5010050000 for Income Expenses (were labelled income). This does not effect br06 reporting.
INC No.ScheduleDescription
AL1Cell K78 & L78 Nationality ROW to MUM
Row 45 and Row 77 Remove Industry Group 3 as SPs are those with Sector Household and NACE not household.
Row 20 Deduct Pub Non Market Units
Bug fix Cell H46 & I46
AL4Row 16 include NACE A0200 (AGRIC)
AL5Bug Fix O44
AL6Row 17 include NACE A0200 (AGRIC)
AS1Row 20 Fix bug in Sector
AS2Column M Change Sector to All Government
Row 256 – Row 261 Included formulas and fixed Other Countries not specified elsewhere
AS5Fixes to all sheet
AE1Cell J14 change Nationality to brNationality
Cell J256 add formula for EIB
Cell J260 bug fix
LD8Row 15 include NACE A0200 (AGRIC)
LRRow 35 & 36 Other n.e.c. removed the AI measure as this is already being added in the top part of the LR schedule.
LS2Bug fix Row 20 and Row 47
Bug fix in Sector Row 32 and Row 59
LAdd Sector Credit Institutions to Row 202 & Row 203
AL9Row 22 & Row 34 Pick Remaining Households including the Sole Proprietors
FlowloansRow67 – Revolving Loans and overdrafts to exclude double counting of revolving overdrafts
FlowdepositsRows of Transferrable Deposits to use new flow dimension
CLReclassifications Section
AE2Fix in sheet due to mistake by CBM in row hiding
Fix in Remaining Liabilities Section due to some double counting (e.g. Row 102/103)
FlowloansFix in column Banks (as this was taking only MFI which was not accurate) and of which:NonBanks
AL9Reclassifications (Column M and N)
AS9Fix in M63
MIR1No formula in N41
F91 & F92 Bug fix in if error condition
I91 & I92 Bug fix in if error condition
F95, F96, F99 & F100 include Account Type 'OTHERS' for Cards
I95, I96, I99 & I100 include Account Type 'OTHERS' for Cards
MIR2Bug Fix F63 & J63
Bug Fix F77 & J77
Bug fix E52, E53, E54
Bug fix I52, I53, I54
New Formulas in G122 & G123 (APRC)
New Formulas in K122 & K123 (APRC)
PLAddition of new variable to calculate sections in P&L where sector splitting is problematic

E135 Add Sector in formula
Interest Receivable Apportioning in Cells E43, E46, E50, E53, E68, E69, E74, E75, E80, E82, E83, E84, E85, E86, E87, E88, E92, E94, E95, E96, E97, E98, E99, E100
Interest Payable Apportioning in cells E131, E134, E138, E141, E150, E153, E157, E160, E166, E167, E168, E169, E170, E171, E172, E183, E188, E189, E190, E191, E192, E193, E194, E205
AL12Fix all schedule to pick up cards only (Account Type 'OTHERS')
FINREP F20.04Fix in F20.04 210/010 and 230/101 to include IFERROR
FINREP F18.00Fix in row 22 to include Collateral for Commercial Property
FlowDepositsFix in column Banks (as this was taking only MFI which was not accurate) and of which: NonBanks Colum AN and AQ
MIR1Fix in IFERRORS for I92
AL8Addition of IFERRORS for liability types
Flows 4
Fix in Remaining Assets
FlowLoansRow52/Row38, Loans to Loans + Deposits
Cell AR57/BK57 removal of Convenience indicator
Flows3Fix in BB58, AY57
Row 59 other n.e.c
Flows4Row59, AL95 – Removal of Sector
Row 100
LHFix in Row24
LRAddition of new Variable brLiabilityLoansDeposits

Fix in Schedule In section 1.3 Remaining Liabilities > Interest accrued and unpaid other than deposits due to incorrect bracket placement
AE1Fix in Columns H and J.
AE3CUBESET to have Shares and Other Equity and Units
AL1Fix in 3.2
AE4Column H should not have been deducting from Column K
CEMinor tweaking on subcategories
FINREP F18.00Added Cash Balances to Cell Col 030, Row 080
FINREP F20.04Added Cash Balances for Col 010 Row 140 and Row 150
FINREP F19.00Fix in Row 140 using Colalteral Code IMMOV_PROP_COM
(instead of industry)
Fix in Col 070, Row 140 (Total now matches F20.04)
Modifications as follows to have Accumulated Depreciation as a negative value:
• F06.00 Column 020
• F04.03 Column 040
• F20.04TOT and all Country Sheets – Column 030
• F20.07TOT and all Country Sheets – Column 020

Creation of new packs using the MFSA revised version as at Sept 2016
FlowloansRow52 (ROW section)
Row52 (SPE Section)
FlowdepositsFix in Section 7.4 and 8.4 to deduct from repos
Fix in reclassification for repos
Fix in section 1.4 and 2.4 (Deduct from repos)
Fix in column AY – incorrect sector (Double Counting)
Fix in AT202 to use parent item deposits
Flows3Fix in Row 30 (MT Section)
Fix in Cells F29,30,31 (GenGov  Govt)
Fix in Row 43
Fix in Equity -> ROW exclude MMF
Fix in AJ59, AL59
Flows4Fix in Equity -> ROW exclude MMF
Fix in Row 58
Fix in Remaining Liabilities Section 5, Adition of Remaining Liabilities > Int. Accrued * unpaid on deposits incl. loans and Section 5.2
AS2Fix in Column F, H, J with ResidencyStatus NONE to exclude double counting of section 2.238
AS5Fix in 5.1.1
LRFix in 1.3
LTweak in Accrued interest section
ARTweak to use BTot for certain CoA items
PLFix in SubCategory
#760brHistoricConnIntroduction of a new Connection Variable to facilitate the use of the Current cube

Changes in AL2, Column AX and AY, BR and BS
Changes in LD4, Column AX and AY, BR and BS
LC Cell E48
PR Sections with StartofPreviousPeriod
AT E15, E23, H15, H23
CE Section 1
FlowloansFix in Formulas
S68,S69, X68,X69,Y68,Y69,AR68,AR69,AW68,AW69,AX68,AX69
AL2 and LD4Column BZ, Btot measure for Other Unallocated assets> Interest due on Loans/ Deposits
Flows3Column AM – SectorBANKS instead of MFI
Row59, fix in TMAI line too use remaining Assets > Other n.e.c
Row100, Addition of TMAI for Int. accrued and unpaid on deposits incl. Loans
Row97, Addition of TMAI on Int. Accrued and unpaid on deposits incl. Loans

Message brought to you by the BRSANALYTICS Team

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