A Message to Our Esteemed Customers

We have released a new build as part of our continual product development cycle; BRSANALYTICS V2.8.7 is now available for installation.

This release addresses critical work on facilities package and AnaCredit product development.

Provided below is a list of new items available as product fixes and / or enhancements.

Please get in touch with one of our representatives to book an appointment to update your current setup. Updates typically take around 2 days per server to complete (including a health-check) depending on the setup you are currently running on.

We will revert with a more exact time-frame based on your present setup once we receive confirmation of your request to upgrade.

Fixes and Enhancements in the Application:

INC No.TitleDescription
#1135FACS Time DependencyThe facility dimension was converted to work with Time_MemberID rather than date range (similar to the prior work on ACCS and CLTS)
#1141CLTS File – time for processingIt was identified that in some scenarios the CLTS file was taking a long time to process. An enhancement has resolved this.
-• Addition of new templates in line with Phase 2
• Changes to dropdowns to be named ranges rather than ranged
• Change in Country and County text to use ISO to match BRS standards
• Change in Sector / Subsector to match BRS sector description Text
• Addition of Regex for IDENTTYPE
• Change in LegalForm dropdown to use codes
• Changes in dropdown text for the following: Counterparty Identifier, Accounts Standard (Formula now in place and part of configuration), Legal Status and Counterparty roles
#1150AnaCredit Fields LicensingAdding of the following fields from FINREP to both FINREP and AnaCredit
• EOPB.CreditRiskFVChange FCY/LCY
• ACCS.DatePastDue
• EOPB.AccumulatedWriteOffs FCY/LCY
#1152SQL ScriptsAddition to A_NationalityResidency ‘RMS’ addition to Nationality.Residency for AnaCredit reporting (including MT)
#1126Toolbar using Web ServicesWhen using Web Services, it was identified that upon loading Excel for the first time, there was a significant delay. This has been rectified.
#1159AnaCredit Legal FormsUpdate in AnaCredit template to include latest Legal Forms as per CBM email 20180806
AnaCredit ConversionResolution of issues related to conversion of Counterparty data
#1146AnaCredit Fact LabelConsideration that HEADOFFICE / IMMEDIATEPARENT / ULTIMATEPARENT would be referenced by the AnaCredit Identifier rather than the Party Code.
Loading Counterparty dataResolution of issues related to Automatically Loading Counterparty data in the following sheets:
AnaCredit Convert values to NOT REQUIREDIt may be the case that a bank provides more data than is required in NOT REQUIRED scenarios. For this the AnaCredit conversion toolbar offers a functionality to ignore the
#1134AnaCredit ACCS FieldsInclusion of DSD fields in ACCS for ObservedAgent, Creditor, Servicer and Originator
#1145AnaCredit LoadingIncluding of logic to calculate Credit Attributes related to:
• Observed Agent not Resident in Member State
• Fully derecognised Instruments being serviced
• Intracompany Loans
• Instruments Originating Prior to 1 Sept 2018
• Fully derecognised Instruments not being serviced
#1149AnaCredit Observed AgentIf the Observed Agent is not specified in the ACCS, this is defaulted to the Reporting Agent (matching on the LEI code)
#1158AnaCredit ServicerIf the Servicer is not provided, then this should be the same like the Creditor
#1143AnaCredit XML GenerationInclusion of new cube field “CMT1M_COMMENT” as per Data Dictionary updated on 20th July 2018 by CBM.
#1164AnaCredit JointCustomersAnacredit supports JointCustomers by the use of ACCS.JointCustomers
#1163AnaCredit TemplatesAutomatic loading of AnaCredit related data:
#1162Business RegisterFix in Business Register import process
#1127AnaCredit Update in mandatory fieldsAs AnaCredit conversion checks mandatory values, the system was updated as per CBM email 16th May
#113EODC.CollateralAmountOriginalInclusion of a new collateral field, Collateral Amount Original
#1144Credit AttributesAs part of the AnaCredit data load, calculation of the Credit attributes as specified in the data dictionary updated 20th July 2018
#1168AnaCredit Reporting in FullAs per CBM email 22/08, the following AnaCredit tables are to be sent in full CMT1M and CMT2M. Code related to checking of previous month submitted data has been removed for the time being.
AnaCredit Loading DataLoading of AnaCredit based on the following parameters:
• Mapped with the AnaCredit CoA
• Check Balance + Committed Facilities > 25K
• If valuetype LIABILITY consider the balance as zero but pick up the Undrawn Amount

In template FINANCIAL to pick up Balance for ASSET but if valuetype LIABILITY to set balance as zero and Off balance sheet amount equal to the undrawn committed amount. If OFF BALANCE SHEET valuetype, then to also set balance as 0 but off balance sheet amount set to the balance of the off balance sheet item.
#1012Removal of BRS redundant tablesRemoval of various SQL tables which have become redundant over the years.
#1147Renaming of cube field related to FINREPFrom [EconomicIndustries] to [Economy Industry]
#1166AnaCredit Accounting TemplateCoA (For Accounting Classification) outputted as Uppercase as CoA is in lower case
AnaCredit Template and Update in Product DatabaseUpdate of National Identifiers codes and RegEx in AnaCredit Template as per CBM email 20180829 and update in product database to include CY_CBCID_CD, CY_OTHER, FR_IF_CD as Identification types.
#1171AnaCredit Load DataFix in the following fields to display NONE when importing
#1172Fix in AnaCredit XML conversionFixes in the JOINT LIABILITY template conversion
#1176DCS XML ConversionUpdate in XSD
AnaCredit Load data for Risk and Default TemplatesSome duplicate entries were present as there was no filter on DEBTOR and PROTECTION PROVIDER
#1131AnaCredit Reportable IndicatorInclusion of a reportable column on each AnaCredit Sheet. By default this is set to AUTO for all records where users can manually set to YES or NO

Row will be included in XML conversion if Reportable = YES or AUTO and Full Data is to be reported for the schedule OR Updates only are to be reported for the sheet where there was a change in the record (or no previous record found)
#936BRSANALYTICS Toolbar – Database settingsPreviously, each time the toolbar is re-installed, the settings were lost. These are now saved and in subsequent re-installations will be retained.

Changes in Core Structure / Fixes in Formula Files:

INC No.StructureDescription
AnaCreditNew CoA Structure created
Flows2Cell AL48, Addition of brSectorREM_NONMMF
Flows3Cell BB58, Removal of ‘Items in Transit’ and ‘Suspense’ as these are not part of Other Unallocated Assets.
LD5Cells E30:E40 and Cells H30:H40, Addition of brZeroBalanceFalse and addition of CoA items with measure brM_NoA_Adjusted
F_18.00F18.00a (c200) and F18.00c (c210) change from CollateralAmount to Collateralised Amount on Carrying Amount
LCChange from Reporting Currency to Base Currency
LD4Cell AY261, removed CBM formula
AL10Fixes in the following to include both Balance and Undrawn Amount:
Section 1.2 , 1.4, 2, Memo Items
PL1.5.1.3 and addition of Interest Receivable on Deposits
BRSANALYTICSVariables for [Measures].[Interest LCY Closing] and [Measures].[Interest LCY Opening]

Fixes in Flows1: R97 / AJ97 / AL97 / R100 / AJ100 / AL100 to use the above measures
Flows1Fixes in Flows1: R97 / AJ97 / AL97 / R100 / AJ100 / AL100 to use brM_ExMAI
Column CB, fix in formulas to include variable to check if to use the AccruedInterestGLs or the AI in the Loan / Deposit lines.
F_20.04Fix in cell J20 to include *-1 (for TOT and all nationality sheets incl. x28)
F_31.01Row 010 was incorrectly picking up non-performing. Summation now from row 020 to 040
F_05.01Cell H8, fix from GrossCarryingAmount to CarryingAmount
F_18.00bRow 420 to 540. Removal of *-1 as all these values should be positive as per EBA Validation v5708s
F_31.02Removal of ABS in formula in the following cells:
D6 F6 G6
D8 F8 G8
D9 F9 G9
F_31.02Addition of ABS to remove the negative values (due to validation rule 3975s)
C7 E7
C10 E10
F10 G10
F_09.01.1Fix in columns 010 – 020 – 030
These are being compared to GrossCarrying amount in F_18.00a so the column measure was fixed accordingly. (In line with validation rules 2788m, 2793m, 2795m, 2798m, 2799m, 2800m, 3020m)
F_18.00aRows 340-400 changed to GrossCarryingAmount rather than CarryingAmount
Change in Economic Industry text formatting from “[EconomicIndustries]” to “[Economic Industry]” to be in line with other cube fields
FINREP BRSANALYTICSAffecting all pack, changing of Previous Period to match End of Year Period (which the last days prior to the start of the new period). This affects the publishing Start date in the INFO sheet.

Changes in Documentation:

DSDACCS updates in fields
CLTS minor change in text of Legal Status
EODC addition of new field
ACCS.ActivityType and EOPB.ActivityType data accepted in field renamed to CENTRAL ADMIN. SERV. FOR COLLECTIVE INVESTMENT due to limitation in field length
AnaCreditNew AnaCredit user guide