A Message to Our Esteemed Customers

Thursday 9th November 2017

We have released a new build as part of our continual product development cycle; BRSANALYTICS V2.8.1 is now available for installation.

Provided below is a list of new items available as product fixes and / or enhancements.

Please feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives to book an appointment to update your current setup. Updates typically take approximately 1.5 days per server including a health-check depending on the setup you are currently running on.

We will revert with a more exact time-frame based on your current setup once we receive confirmation of your request to upgrade.

Fixes and Enhancements in the Application:

INC No.TitleDescription
#1029EOPI / FLWINew End of Month process for Investments
#1031BRS ToolbarMinor Toolbar enhancements to ensure correct deployment of certain DLLs during installation

To disable interaction with Excel during publishing to reduce errors being encountered by users.
Tool for Empty SetsInternal creation of tool to extract empty sets from the UBPartner Taxonomy Packages
#1043BRS ToolbarImprovement in mechanism to safeguard situation where toolbar loses its database settings.
#1034XBRL Java UpdatesImprovement in Toolbar mechanism to support picking of Java update folder automatically.
#1050Contractual Maturity DatesExpansion of the number of dates in the Contractual Maturity Table to support assets with a maturity date of 100 years. This has been increased upto 31/12/2124
#1054SQL Changes for FINREP Sector GroupingsUPDATE [BRSANALYTICS_DW].[dbo].[D_Sector]
SET [Group_7] = 'OFC'
WHERE Label LIKE 'B27%'

SET [Group_7] = 'GOVT'
WHERE (Label LIKE 'B1%') OR (Label LIKE 'B232%')

SET [Group_7] = 'CENTB'
WHERE (Label = 'A1')

SET [Group_7] = 'CRDIN'
WHERE (Label LIKE 'A21%')

SET [Group_7] = 'OFC'
WHERE (Label LIKE 'A22%')

SET [Group_7] = 'NFC'
WHERE (Label LIKE 'B231%')

SET [Group_7] = 'HOUSE'
WHERE (Label LIKE 'B24%')

SET [Group_7] = 'HOUSE'
WHERE (Label LIKE 'B26%')
#1053Business RulesIn the scenario when a business rule crashes e.g. on Process 15, the process has been improved to show this failure.
#1052FINREP GrossCarryingAmount
These were priorly automatically calculated fields however to improve flexibility these have changed to allow one to calculate these from the business rules and cater for different scenarios.
#1037CurrencyTransaction CHFUpdate in the way Switzerland is handled for CurrencyTransaction due to double counting in BR06

UPDATE [BRANALYTICS_DW].[dbo].[D_CurrencyTransaction]
SET Group_3 = 'OTHERS'
WHERE Label = 'CHF'
-DCS SupportAdditional functionality and Data Source Definition fields added to support the full process of DCS population of data.
#1040DCS AnonimisationInclusion of Anonimisation function over the following fields: • Name • Surname • Entity Name • ID • Address 1,2,3 • Phone • Email
#1051DCS Additional FieldsFollowing communications with the DCS team, an additional 2 fields have been added: ACCS.TempHighBalance and DCS.OtherDEF
#1049DCS Validation MessagesWhen using the DCS functionality, for validation messages, the column names are now being used throughout.
#1048DCS Validation LogWhen using the DCS validation of templates, a more visual display is available to show on which level of validation the checks failed or passed.
#1047DCS Automatic DCS Submission process now supports a user to submit a non fully validation report if the user prefers.
#1030Multiple EOP / FLW FilesInitial work to support multiple EOP / FLW files for clients with millions of EOP lines.
#1035BRS Toolbar Convert to Pivot TableFor FINREP this would sometimes not work correctly due to the structure naming convention. Fixes in the approach to ensure conversion.
#1033BRS Toolbar
Insert Pivot Table
By Default, when a user inserts a new pivot table this will include the following defaults:
• Reporting Currency Filter
• Reporting Month Filter
• CoA Filter

Apart from a BRS Application Update, in order to benefit from all the above enhancements, clients should install the latest version of the BRS Toolbar V2.8.1

Changes in Core Structure / Fixes in Formula Files:

INC No.ScheduleDescription
AS11Change in measure to be Market Value instead of Balance
FlowloansRow 26/27, 68/69 – Change in Convenience Indicator
BR06Change in File Format to XLSB.
LD7Addition of DCS variable in BRSANALYTICS sheet (for flexibility in using either CLTS.DCS or ACCS.DCS indicator)
F_4.04Fix in Collective Impairment , Impaired Asset should be NO
Inclusion of Undrawn amounts in Loan Commitments and Liabilities > Deposits (Undrawn Amounts)
F_07.00Fixes in Column 100 – removed Impaired Asset = YES
F_19.00Fixes in Columns 060 and 010
F_09.01Fixes in 010-080
FINREPChange in File Format to XLSB
FINREP Part I & IIChange in Previous Period to be the start of the year
F0.01Fix to tally Row39 with F04.04
AL8Fix in Columns U to W, measure fixed from Limit to Undrawn
Flows2Fix in AI 53, change from Liabilities to Assets
F_19.00Update in Loan Commitments Given Row340
F_03.00Fix in 010,100
F20_04Fix in 030 to exclude credit risk FV change
F05.00Fix in sheet to have GrossCarryingAmount – ImpairedProvision
F07.00Fix in col 070 to have GrossCarryingAmount - ImpairedProvision
FlowloansS27 – Removal of Accounts and Contracts from Extended Credit
Flows4Fix in AL48 – from YES to OTHER
F_02.00Split of Additions and Reversals such that reversals have a negative balance.
F_10.00Row 300, 310, 320 added several IF ERROR change in placement (to be on the split sections) + Minor fixes.
FINREPPart 1 now includes a ‘clean’ BRSANALYTICS sheet with only variables required for Part 1.
New Variables for the Sectors.
F_04.03Row 050 fixes due to change in sectors.
F_02.00Row 420, *-1 correction.
F_16.07Column 020, Row 145 *-1 correction.
F_01.01Tweak in R280 to deduct the absolute value to cater for negative values.

Changes in Documentation:

DSDUpdates to Cater for DCS new fields
Toolbar User GuideNew Toolbar guide for DCS functionality