BRSANALYTICS is a web-based, unified regulatory reporting solution for the banking and financial sector. It gathers, calculates and populates Excel-based reports from separate information sources through ETL functionality to produce an integrated workflow.

The application significantly reduces the effort required to prepare statutory reports for submission and offers the added advantages of dashboards for an all-encompassing view of critical performance data.

The platform’s inbuilt intelligence pre-empts you of data inconsistencies hence improving the accuracy of your regulatory reporting. Besides storing these reports, the system allows you to roll back to a previous period, so that the job of answering ad-hoc queries the regulator might request is made easier.

BRSANALYTICS offers various modules that address different requirements that go beyond the remit of regulatory reporting. The BRSANALYTICS Data Warehouse provides you with the added benefit of a consolidated repository of all your organisation’s data which in turn enables quicker and extensive internal management reporting. 



BRSANALYTICS provides a common environment for users to better monitor and manage the regulatory reporting process. Upon login, a business user is presented a visual representation of ratios and trends of the business as it fairs from time to time, as well as a list of the submitted returns.

The BRSANALYTICS Management Tool includes:

  • The BRSANALYTICS Data Warehouse

  • Standard Data Sources

  • Dashboard comprising of standard non-parametric KPIs

BRSANALYTICS also displays several KPIs that look beyond regulatory reporting. The information which is stored in the BRSANALYTICS Data Warehouse is typically of interest to ‘C’ level executives. Functionalities include:

  • The possibility of adding custom processes

  • Additional out of the box KPIs

  • Capability of adding/editing custom KPIs

Once deployed, BRSANALYTICS reduces the reliance on key compliancy officers and improves the agility of your organisation to comply with the new emerging regulations.


  • Efficient and transparent access to supervisory and statistical reports

  • Logging of all add/modify/delete actions

  • Access to historical data snapshots of computed and submitted reports

  • Easy data collection

  • Reporting on large exposures

  • Source data review and correction prior to compilation and transmission

  • Data transformation from virtually any source in any format

  • Double-click drill-down facilities

  • Data extraction and computation for all required regulatory reports

  • Direct electronic transmission in required formats


  • Elimination of internal regulatory computation maintenance

  • Reduction of IT overheads (such as overtime) through automation

  • Increased employee satisfaction as focus is on higher quality tasks

  • Workload reduction through more efficient streamlined processes

  • Proficient handling of regulator’s enquiries


BRSANALYTICS is supported by SPIM or Standard Professional Implementation Methodology. A team of dedicated experts sharing a diverse set of professional skills is assigned to each new BRSANALYTICS project for its duration and implemented using our proven methodology that is firmly based on PRINCE2.

Under the expert guidance of our project managers, system developers and business analysts, qualified trainers and dedicated Quality Assurance team, we construct a secure and foolproof implementation approach that can be most aptly categorised into ten distinct stages:

  1. Sales Handover Briefing
  2. Kick Off Meeting
  3. Data Source Review
  4. System Design Document Preparation
  5. System Build
  6. System Configuration
  7. Regulatory Reporting
  8. End User Training
  9. Parallel Run and User Acceptance Training
  10. Project Closure and Post Implementation Review


Our team of professionals always keep an open line of communication with their customers. They keep them abreast with new developments taking place at both customer sites as well as with regards to developments in the regulatory framework. This helps our team plan any required changes or updates to ensure customers meet their deadline every time.

Support can be provided directly by our consultants or by trained professionals employed by our partners in your region. All our partners are backed by ourselves and have mechanisms in place to escalate issues with the appropriate skilled technical specialists when and if necessary.

Depending on the nature of the work and the customer’s preference, support can be performed remotely or on-site with little or no disruption to the client’s business. When required, we can perform our services outside office hours.