The core module of BRSANALYTICS is the BR06 regulatory reporting, which encompasses Balance Sheet reporting, Statement of Profit and Loss, MIRs, Securities and Flows amongst others. By using a mechanism of mapping to a standard BRS chart of accounts with the bank’s chart of accounts, the BR06 report is automatically filled in with the required data, consistently completing reports after simply uploading the data.

The BRSANALYTICS application allows automatic calculations based on the data provided by the customer.


  • Calculations of Average rate of return.

  • Calculations of minimum and maximum interest rates for certain buckets.

  • Value bucketing and term to contractual maturity bucketing facilitating both reporting and analysis.

Flows built specifically for the local regulatory reporting may also be automatically calculated which include Exchange Rate Revaluation (for both EUR and non-EUR base clients), True Movement Calculations and automatic classification of re-classifications for sectors, industries, maturities and nationalities as required by the regulator.

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