A Message to Our Esteemed Customers

We have released a new build as part of our continual product development cycle; BRSANALYTICS V2.8.6 is now available for installation.

This release mainly contains enhancements for FINREP IFRS9 and new product work on AnaCredit and CRS (Common Reporting Standard).

Provided below is a list of new items available as product fixes and / or enhancements.

Please feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives to book an appointment to update your current setup. Updates typically take approximately 1.5 days per server to complete (including a health-check) depending on the setup you are currently running on.

We will revert with a more exact time-frame based on your present setup once we receive confirmation of your request to upgrade.

Fixes and Enhancements in the Application:

INC No.TitleDescription
CRS (Common Reporting Standard)New Module in BRSANALYTICS toolbar to cover the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) conversion to XML using the new BRSANALYTICS CRS Template.

With this, the BRSANALYTICS toolbar has been updated and re-organised due to the increase in modules available.
malta bank reporting. regulatory reporting, regulatory reporting malta
#1089Nationality CWAdded Curacao to BR06 grouping ‘Other non Specified’

UPDATE [BRSANALYTICS_DW].[dbo].[D_Nationality] SET [Group_3] = 'OTHER_NON_SPECIFIED' WHERE [Label] = 'CW'
#1088EOP Facility Reference in Multi Entity Setup The EOP Facility Reference must consider the Entity in a multi entity configuration of BRS
#1110Collateralised Amount on Carrying AmountNew Measure for FINREP – Collateralised on Carrying Amount.

Also renaming of these measures in the Cube to distinguish between Collateralised Carrying Amount and Collateralised Gross Carrying Amount (which was previously CollateralisedAmount)
#1112Re-uploading of CLTS and ACCSWhen reuploading clients / accounts files and EOP records for these records already exist, an error can be given in some situations related to the NONE entry.
#1103EODC – AnaCredit new FieldsAddition of:
• ValuationType
• ValuationApproach
• CollateralLocation
• ThirdPartyClaims
#1105EODC – New Mapping for Collateral CodesIn addition to the current mapping being used for BR06 / FINREP, we added a new mapping to the AnaCredit Collateral types as follows:

#1088EOP Facility ReferenceThe EOP Facility now considers the Entity in a multi entity configuration of BRS
#1100AnaCredit FACS fileAddition of:
• CommitmentInceptionAmount
• ProvisionAmount
#1096AnaCredit LegalFormValidation during upload against list of LegalForms
#1091AnaCredit Clients FileAddition of the following fields (refer to latest DSD for full specifications):
• AnaCreditIdentifier
• AnaCreditIdentifierType
• HeadOfficeIdentifier
• ImmediateParentIdentifier
• UltimateParentIdentifier
• BusinessStartDate
• BusinessCloseDate
• LegalForm
• LegalStatus
• LegalStartDate
• EnterpriseSizeDate
• ProbabilityDefault
• DefaultStatus
• DefaultStatusDate
#1093New Data Source: Business RegisterA new data source, Business register, which is formatted as specified in the DSD is used to be able to update the CLTS with:
• AnaCredit Identifier
• ImmediateParentIdentifier
• UltimateParentIdentifier
• BusinessStartDate
• BusinessCloseDate
#1113Business Register data SourceIf the CLTS.Identification is NONE then this will not try to over right with the Business Register information
#1108Toolbar Folder SelectionChange in the folder selection mechanism for easier folder selection.
#1085CLTS.AddressLine3During upload to BRS this validates against the COUNTY NUTS 3 internal reference list
#1109BRS Toolbar – Anonimisation FunctionDue to the new GDPR law, we are requesting that when ACCS and in particular CLTS files are submitted over, these should be anonomised. One may use the new functionality available which will anonimise certain fields.

The following fields are now set to the following values:
• ACCS.Description – ANON
• CLTS.Description – ANON
• CLTS.Identification – anonomised identifier
• CLTS.AddressLine1 – ANON
• CLTS.AddressLine2 – ANON
• CLTS.AddressPostCode – ANON
• CLTS.DateOfBirth – 20000101
• CLTS.NameFirst – ANON
• CLTS.NameSecond – ANON
• CLTS.PhoneNo – 1234578
• CLTS.PhoneNo2 – 1234578
#1116Administrative DivisionInclusion of all administrative divisions in the BRS database
#1104AnaCredit New TemplateCreation of new AnaCredit BRS Template covering all reports
#1106CLTS getting stuckInclusion of script to avoid incorrect stats in SQL for Clients resulting in delayed running
#1090ACCS new fieldsNew fields added to ACCS file (refer to latest DSD for full specifications):
• ContractIdentifer
• AmortisationType
• FiduciaryInstrument
• InceptionDate
• SettlementDate
• Recourse
• SyndicatedContractIdentifier
• DefaultStatus
• DefaultStatusDate
• SecuritisationType
• ImpairmentMethod
• EncumbranceSource
• PerformingDate
• ForbearanceStatus
• ForbearanceStatusDate
AnaCredit Identification Type Validation of CLTS.AnaCreditIdentifierType against D_IdentificationType
Issue in the initial list of descriptions for identification types now fixed.
#1098IdentificationTypeImplementation of checking the AnaCredit IdentificationType against the list of national identifier types allowed
EOPB new fieldsNew fields added to ACCS file (refer to latest DSD for full specifications):
• InstrumentType
• InterestOnlyEndDate
• InterestRateCap
• InterestRateFloor
• InterestRateResetFrequency
• InterestRateSpread
• PaymentFrequency
• PurposeOfLoan
• ReferenceRate
• RepaymentRights
• TransferredAmountFCY
• TransferredAmountLCY
• ArrearsAmountFCY
• ArrearsAmountLCY
• CumulativeRecoveriesFCY
• CumulativeRecoveriesLCY
• BalanceSheetRecognition
• PrudentialPortfolio
#1122AnaCredit Excel SheetConfiguration of which cells are editable and not after locking sheets.
Tweaking of Lookups to be alphabetical (where applicable)
AnaCreditTweaking in INFO sheet to support different date time settings
File supports .xlsb filetype
Regex on NATIDENTRegex implemented in the conversion template
Enhancement in Counterparty Conversion• if a cube has missing information (e.g. non residents CMANR_20005), this should not feature in the file conversion
• the TimeProduction in the header should be slightly different and be measured in millseconds rather than seconds
Conversion of all AnaCredit templateEnhancement to the AnaCredit conversion tool to cater for all templates
Fix in performance of converting all templates
#1099Bonds FileThe original account’s Real Balance is now set to zero (similarly to Balance)

Changes in Core Structure / Fixes in Formula Files:

INC No.ScheduleDescription
MIR1Addition of AL1 references which were not included in latest CBM files.
Updates in: 3.3.1, 3.3.2, 3.4.1, 3.4.2, 4.2.1, 4.2.2, 4.3, 4.3.1, 4.3.2
LD4Column CB – use of MAX to ensure only positive values are displayed
AL2Column CA – use of MAX to ensure only positive values are displayed
checkflowsFix in sheet protection to allow Autofilter
AL6Fix due to double counting
LE155:E166 – for COA ‘Int. accrued and unpaid on deposits incl. Loans’ changed to use the measure brM_Btot (instead of brM_Bt)
LRE22:H34 and E42:F50 The ranges should exclude the COA item ‘Int. accrued and unpaid on deposits incl. Loans’ (item already included in sheet L E155:E166)

Added a new variable ‘brLiabilityLoansDepositsIncAccInt’ in BRSANALYTICS sheet which has
{[Chart of Accounts].[CoA].[All].[BRS CoA].[Liabilities].[Loans],
[Chart of Accounts].[CoA].[All].[BRS CoA].[Liabilities].[Deposits],
[Chart of Accounts].[CoA].[All].[BRS CoA].[Liabilities].[Remaining Liabilities].[Int. accrued and unpaid on deposits incl. Loans]} when deducting AI
ARE19:I56 – for COA ‘Interest Due on Loans’, ‘Interest Due on Deposits’ and ‘Interest Due on Securities’ use of the measure brM_Btot (instead of brM_Bt)
Flows2Cell AR43
Inclusion of [Shares/Equity] for brSectorREM_NONMMF
SBSAFix in entire sheet to include all the validations included in the BR06 sheet provided in March by CBM
Row 102, brLiabilityLoansDepositsIncAccInt (in line with LR schedule)
AL2column CE: to include COA items: Interest Due on Loans and Interest Due on Deposits with measure brM_Btot
LD4column CE: to include COA item: Int. accrued and unpaid on deposits incl. Loans with measure brM_Btot
F_07.01Row280, Removal of deduction from previous line
F_06.01Col 010, Fix in formulas
F_02.00Fix in Row175, Formula to include Financial Asset FVTPL and Mandatory non-Trading FVTPL
Fix in Row481, *-1
F_04.03.1Various changes from col 015 to 080
F_04.04.1Changes in Accumulated Impairment – this should be negative
F_09.01.1Fix in Row 021 to 080
F_13.01ABS in Col040, row 050 due to negligible rounding
F_14.00Row090, Col 010,020,030, Fixes in Formulas
F_17.02Fix in Loan Commitments
F_18.00Fixes in col 070, col 120, related to debt instruments
Loan Commitments
Table (b) , Fixes in col 160, Loans and Advances
F_19.00Fix in Table F_19.00b – Negative values expected
Fix in Table F_19.00d – tweaking in formulas as per other loan commitments
F_20.01Fix in Row 130, 183
F_20.02Fix in Row 200
F_22.01Fixes in IFERROR due to #VALUEs
Change in “OTHER” items to be residual
F_17.01Fix in sum in 370
F_20.01Addition of formulas in Row 315
Fix in Row 183
F_19.00Fix in C174, to match with F20.05
Fix in F_19.00d
F_18.00bRow120 – Inclusion of CreditRiskFVChange
F_06.01Col022 *-1
F_04.04.1C010, removal of Gross-ImpProv to CarryingAmount
F_05.01Fix in Other Financial Corp column
F_01.01Fix in Row183 to CarryingAmount
F_05.01Fix in r010 c010, to carryingAmount
F_06.01Fix in col 011 (items subject to Impairment)
F_20.04 (all)Fix in col 012 (items subject to Impairment)
F_20.07.1Fix in col (items subject to impairment)
F_13.01Addition of sector HOUSE for r050
F_05.01Fix in row 090 and r100 , changing of measures to CollateralisedGross and CollateralisedCarrying
F_07.01Fix in row 270 and row 280, changing of measures to CollateralisedCarrying

Fix in r260 c030, change from collateralisedAmount to CarryingAmount
F_13.01Fix in all table CollateralisedCarryingAmount
F_19.00Rename of variable brCollateralisedAmount to brCollateralisedGrossAmt
Table I col 170
Table III col 180
Part III / IVRemoval of unused variables brM_MV and brM_AmendedCollateral

Changes in Documentation:

DSDAddition of all AnaCredit fields added through ACCS, CLTS, EOPB, EODC, FACS