A Message to Our Esteemed Customers

Monday 9th May 2016

By way of an update regarding ongoing releases, new enhancements and bug fixes in the product, we shall be providing regular notices on new releases as they become available.

BRSANALYTICS V2.7.1 is now here. Below is a list of new items available as product fixes and / or enhancements.

Let us know should you wish to book an update appointment on your current setup which depending on your current version normally takes approximately 1 day per server including a health check. Please advise should you be interested and we’ll revert with a more exact time-frame based on your setup.

Fixes and Enhancements in the Application:

INC NoTitleDescription
#896Business Rules Performance on Update DimensionsUpdate dimensions was slow when there was a large EOP and complex business rules – performance improvement in this aspect
COREP EnginePartyTotal.UnsecuredBalanceInBase - Support for total balance based on Connected Customers for RETAIL for Article 123C
PartyTotal.TotalArticle123CinBase - Change in Measure Name
Removal of @CCF.ECAI
New Indicator Fully Collateralised on Imm. Property
CRD Rules Validation - Add a system setting to disable the sql validation for brs rules, to facilitate debugging
#888Update Dimensions Default ValuesThe default values for a party / account were not being populated in the respective table, when these are created through the update dimensions process triggered by the end of month
Addition of Accrued Interest DR / CR2 columns added at the end of EOPB.

These are captured for the time being for internal reporting purposes.
Changes in SBSA• Allow Securities with the same ISIN to be repeated
• Divided No. of Units by thousand
• No longer perform currency transformation on Market Price
#903ACCS ISINData fix in ISIN_Code if found NULL in the database
#901Line DimensionAddition of Line Groups in Line Dimension
#887Auto Load EOPB Fields If the following fields are empty in the EOPB then by default we can take the value in the Client and Parties (CLTS);

• Nationality, Sector, Industry, Rating, RelatedParty, SME, ResidencyStatus, CustomerCategory

Any Rules on the above will still apply as this is done at the end of the EOPB process.
#906SubCategory StatisticsAn error was being given and rows were being removed as warnings saying that "" is not a valid Exposure Class. This has been resolved.
#905Ratings ECAIThe default value for ECAI is NONE – The application now handles cases where ECAI is disabled due to lack of COREP license
#908AccruedInterest DR/CRFix in conversion to base currency
#907ProductTypeThis was being enabled as a Core field however this is part of the FINREP license pack
#904BONDS FileThis file was not supported for a while. A new file structure has been defined in the DSD supporting multiple Bond Issues.

The new Bonds file is structured as follows:

• Entity
• AccountReference (The Account Reference of the bond which together with the GLAccount will replace the account related to the Bond)
• GLAccount
• CustomerReference – the MSE Customer Code which will be loaded into the Clients dimension as BONDHOLDER-clientcode to avoid any clash in codes from existing partycodes
• Industry
• Nationality
• Sector
• Balance – this balance will be assumed to be in the same currency as that being replaced in the EOPB.

The way the bond file works is that this identifies the accountnumber and glaccount to be replaced from the EOPB line and replaces the line with multiple lines with the different details as provided by Malta Stock Exchange (MSE).