BRSANALYTICS addresses the regulatory reporting requirements of financial institutions by systematically gathering the required data for statistical and supervisory reports with minimal manual intervention.

The standard engine has been developed and refined over several years. This application can be deployed in any financial institution no matter where it is located and bespoke regulatory reporting packages are developed to address the specific requirements of various regulators.

The increased focus on regulatory reporting by many of the world’s banking regulators has increased pressure on financial institutions to provide timely statistical data to ensure compliance. Ultimately, regulation subjects institutions to certain standards, including reporting requirements, restrictions and guidelines with the intent of maintaining standardised practices across these industries. The need for these regulations finds its root in the interconnectedness of banking and credit institutions and the reliance that national and global economies have on these institutions.

While each National Central Bank (NCB) has different reporting requirements, all involve the common challenge of compiling the data. BRSANALYTICS addresses this often manual, lengthy and time-consuming process. BRSANALYTICS brings in data from all the bank’s legacy systems and other data sources and consolidates it so that it automatically produces the data in the format required by the regulator (such as excel sheets and XBRL). More importantly, BRSANALYTICS gives a breakdown of the computed figures thus enabling the analysis of trends and patterns in customer behaviour, areas of growth and profitability, risk management reporting and strengthening competitive advantage amongst others.


As the data is being read and loaded into the system, specific bank business rules established from the client’s data throughout the initial configuration, are also run. Once data is loaded, the system provides additional measures and data transformation to automatically populate the regulatory reports required by the regulator. The system also provides tools for in-depth analysis from the automated reports and facilities to create management reports by linking to the BRS data.

BRSANALYTICS caters for a wide ranging set of reportings, amongst which are the principal three, BR06, FINREP and COREP.

The application connects to a set of standard files which are common throughout all of our clients. This enables increased product flexibility, to cater for each individual bank’s requirements but also allowing the product to be independent of specific core banking systems thus allowing us to release frequent updates based on the regulator’s relentless increased demands in regulatory reporting.

Based on our experience in implementing solutions, given the independent architecture of the system, we have received data from many sources amongst which are FLEXCUBE and SunSystems to name a few.

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