Following the Central Bank Payment Statistics Workshop held on the 2nd September, all reporting entities who provide payment services will be required to start reporting new ECB payment statistics on a quarterly and semi-annual basis. The data submission mechanism is to be done via XML and no Excel template from the Central Bank will be provided.

The BRSANALYTICS team will be analysing the new reporting requirements and will be providing 2 product offerings to its customers.

PSS Data Validation and Converter (Standalone Module) – Manual Statistics Input

  • A BRSANALYTICS PSS Excel Template which can be filled as necessary by the reporting institution
  • Easy XML Conversion with the click of a button, via the BRSANALYTICS Excel toolbar without requiring any technical knowledge of the underlying structure (even when multiple elements must be reported for certain criteria)
  • Built-in Validation following conversion (prior to submitting to the regulator)

Standalone Converter release date is dependent on availability of XML specifications provided by Central Bank. We are planning this will be made available for the test submission planned for end of year.

PSS Module – Automatic Statistics Generation (includes the PSS Data Validation and Converter)

  • Provision of Data Specifications for Data Loading into BRSANALYTICS (avoids manual inputting of data)
  • Configuration and fine tuning of system based on customers’ data and requirements
  • Automatic population of PSS schedules
  • Includes all functionality of PSS Converter

This product will be available for installation and configuration in Q1 2022.

Subscription covers any PSS changes in XML schemas, validations or changes in data point requirements

We understand that the requirements for credit and payment institutions may differ substantially and are therefore offering two different products with this in mind. Clients can opt to purchase the PSS Converter only or else go for the PSS Data Loading and Automation of Report Generation which includes as well the Converter.

Speak to a BRSANALYTICS representative or your Account Manager for further information on PSS.